San Francisco Chaperon

Project Description

San Francisco Chaperon is the Bay Area’s premiere multilingual travel guide designed for foreign visitors not familiar with local language and customs. It features complete detailed maps of the city and the surrounding region, statistics, practical information, suggestions and specific directions for walks in San Francisco as well as excursions around the Bay Area.

Project Details

  • Industry: Travel and tourism
  • Versions: 8
  • Channels: Print and website (
  • Features: Pull-out maps and in-language advertising

Quality control and versioning

Following an ownership transition in 2015, Dawn Design Studios worked with the new publisher to create an updated, more modern design and streamline the project management and QC process, coordinating reviews with a team of translators and advertisers, including Macy’s, Hard Rock Cafe and Pier 31. With eight versions⸺German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean⸺-coordination and version control was key to keeping this project running smoothly. The publication is published annually. Dawn team members attend the press check to ensure print quality.

On-site press check

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