Chef Chu’s Menu + Website Redesign

Project Description

Chef Chu’s is known as one of the Bay Area’s best Chinese restaurants for its innovative cuisine and charismatic owner, Chef Lawrence Chu. Chef Chu looked to Dawn Design Studios to update its dinner and lunch menus, and to give its cocktail and drink a menu a modern look and feel. In 2016, the Dawn team relaunched, giving the restaurant an updated, modern and elegant look and making its menu easily accesible on smartphones.

Project Details

Industry: Food + Beverage

Content: Revise menu copy for clarity and to reflect modern dining trends

Design: Redesign layout for a clean, modern look

Plus: Translate English menu items to Chinese

Lunch + Dinner Menu

With a distinctive brand and logo already in place, Dawn Design Studios revised the menu with an eye for legibility and clarity to help its strong branding shine Dawn designers created a special section to help signature dishes, such as Beijing Duck and Pan-Seared Rack of Lamb, stand out. Photos were placed to help diners identify new dishes to try. A Chef’s notes section was added to help diners get to know the family-run restaurant’s history and philosophy, in light of its 45th anniversary.

Cocktail Menu

Chef Chu’s is known for its famous Mai Tai, signature cocktails and distinctive wine list. Chef Chu asked Dawn Design Studios to give its drink a menu a fresh feel and add a new Lychee Martini and Cucumber Martini to its list. To show customers just how delicious the drinks are, Dawn did a photo shoot and used subtle beach-themed colors to give the menu a fun and tropical look.



 A Taste of the Tropics

A behind the scenes look at photo shoot day at Chef Chu’s. Dawn Design Studios assists Chef Lawrence Chu and Larry Jr. in capturing the topical taste of its famous Mai Tai, Apple Martini and Lava Flow drinks.


Responsive Website

What do hungry customers want to see? The menu and delicious pictures of food! The modern responsive site features easy access to dinner, lunch, banquet and cocktail menus. Beautiful photography highlights the scrumptious Chinese cuisine and brings to life Chef Chu’s personality, culture and legacy. It’s no wonder why world famous diners like Justin Bieber, Mark Zuckerberg and Serena Williams visit Chef Chu’s.

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