Cleaning.com: Cleaning Made Easy

Project Description

Cleaning.com is a start-up that connects people to cleaning services online. The founder sought out Dawn Design Studios to design and build a website that would appeal to working professionals, explain Cleaning.com’s services and make it easy to book a cleaning within minutes. The site features an easy-to-use ordering and scheduling form and a cleaning handbook that explains how to clean just about anything.

Project Details

  • Design + development
  • Expressions Engine (CMS) installation
  • Online ordering form + experience

Content Delivery Platform

Cleaning.com is powered by Expression Engine, an open-source platform with robust web publishing features.

Online Ordering Form

Key to Cleaning.com is its online form and scheduling tool that allows users to make appointments with cleaners and pay for services. Dawn developers created a customized ordering experience for Cleaning.com’s needs.

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