DAWN Design Studios is a unique studio of talented designers, communicators, community builders and digital content creators who are skilled at accelerating your brand story. With a global presence that includes Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Berlin, and Seoul, we work with businesses and organizations to support strategic and day-to-day communications needs and provide project management and implementation for design, digital and print marketing.

DAWN is a rapidly growing Asian American women-owned creative enterprise.



2011 | FOUNDED

In 2011, Amy Wang founded Dawn with the goal of providing businesses affordable yet quality design and branding services in mind.


2013 | GROWING

We recruited more industry experts, added copy writing and con tent marketing to our expertise, along with two web developers. Dawn has expanded its services offered.



Dawn has grown its client base fast and steady, from the biggest international Nor-Cal travel guide publication to the fastest growing gig economy startup in the hospitality industry. Dawn is helping companies in California shine brighter.



Dawn is working on exciting programs to revolutionize the way organizations and businesses accomplish their marketing goals through our innovative creative huddles- teams of remote, skilled, creative experts assembled to accelerate your brand story.



Art Director

Amy Wang founded Dawn in 2011. She is an experienced brand strategist who demonstrates technical ability while contributing effective and creative solutions. Amy has more than 10 years of experience in print design, UI Design, and Brand Strategy.


Digital Marketing Director

Rebecca delivers nearly a decade of strategic communications experience in government, consulting, and nonprofit environments. She spent four years as Communications Director of the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, where she managed national outreach campaigns across traditional and digital media platforms.


General Counsel & Director of Business Development

Tuyet is a native Texan, dancer and poet who also just happens to be an attorney. She’s been in and out of the nonprofit and government sectors for almost 15 years, working on everything from diaspora building, human rights, small business capacity-building, and more. She hopes to help DAWN align its legal infrastructure with its quirky culture, sales, and proposals.


Technology Director

Angela designs and codes for a living and loves what she does. She has more than 10 years of experience as a front-end developer and graphic designer.


Senior Designer

An is a talented digital artist who has worked with Dawn since 2010. She has more than 10 years of experience in print layout, email campaign design, and management. She has worked with several printing and mailing house as the lead designer.


Account Director

Mary has over 10 years of project management experience in the public and nonprofit sectors. She has been a project manager for a public outreach team at the Federal Reserve Board. Her work there focuses on managing multiple communication products, including online and print media that services the U.S. and international markets. Mary holds a certificate in project management from Georgetown University.


Media & Public Affairs Specialist

Laura has over 10 years of government and political experience throughout the U.S. and internationally, and in multicultural, underserved, and hostile environments. This includes the White House, Pentagon, U.S. Congress, and two presidential campaigns. She has worked in regions such as Latin America, Europe, MENA, and Asia. She is a strategic communicator with in-depth knowledge of government and public relations, international development, crisis communications, grassroots organizing, social media/analytics, photography, and event planning.


Digital Marketing Specialist

A creative storyteller, Sarah has more than eight years of experience promoting the powerful stories of nonprofits and inspiring individuals to take action. She holds a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Missouri.


Account Manager

Kathy Nguyen is a creative content creator with a background in graphic design, influencer outreach and online community management. She has created marketing campaign assets for Kickstarter, mailchimp, 20th Century Fox, and Amazon-based sellers. Kathy is a graduate of the University of California Davis and holds a B.A. in Communications and Sociology.


Digital Marketing Specialist

Christine is a writer and content strategist helping companies articulate and share compelling stories. She brings a decade of experience in global program management and cross-cultural communication. Christine has been a diversity and inclusion advisor in tech startups, a tech policy strategist for the White House, and an international media development project lead in the nonprofit sector. She holds a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and a bachelor’s degree from Tulane University.


Account Coordinator

Jerome is a savvy digital media wonk who takes pride in working with clients to achieve their goals. He graduated from the University of Virginia with degrees in Economics and Spanish. As a student leader, he planned large-budget events and implemented university-wide marketing plans with a focus on social media outreach. He further developed his communications skills through an internship at OCA – Asian Pacific American Advocates as well as in his role as Vice President for the Organization of Young Filipino Americans at UVa.


Content Creator

With a master’s in Writing from the University of Southern California, Brian helps clients create dynamic content strategies. From nonprofits to tech, start-ups to $50M corporations, he’s written more ads, emails, podcasts, videos and brochures than you can shake a stick at. Fun facts: Brian has earned marketing awards for social media and helped land clients on page one of Google.

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