About Dawn

Dawn defined 

Noun. The first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise.

Verb. To become evident to the mind; be perceived or understood.

Together, let’s create  

At Dawn, our goal is to help you establish that spark, first light, or fire to help your brand shine.  Our team is composed of bright individuals, with a passion for design and digital work and an expanse of knowledge and experience working on projects for non-profit organizations, foundations and Fortune 500 companies. 

Bright beginnings 

Dawn started out as a freelance design collective in 2010, headed by Angela Liao and Amy Wang, two talented designers with a passion for start-ups and sweets. Mixing business-savvy with web design wasn’t such a bad idea. It bubbled into a successful dessert box subscription service, called Orange Glad. Today, Dawn has grown its core design and development team and continues to deliver original designs for not only start-ups, but also businesses and small and medium-sized organizations across the nation. 

Your ideas, realized.

When you talk, we not only listen, but also work with you to create the best solutions. We’ll ask you about goals, objectives and help you integrate your concepts into your overall marketing strategies. 

Passion for design.

We’re always on the lookout for fresh ways for your brand to make an impact. Our designers have a keen eye for what will make things right. And some spunk, if that’s what you want. 


Quality delivered.

We’re pretty nitpicky about our own work, which means quality is at the core of everything we do. To make sure nothing slips between the cracks, our dedicated project manager facilitates a QC process with our project team and yours. 

Creative solutions.

We’re solutions-oriented thinkers. When we’re stuck, we find a way to keep going, or look for a different way approach the issue. The way we see it, we’re creating not just website or designs, but solutions for you to reach your goals and objectives. 

Meet the team

Amy Wang

Amy Wang


Amy Wang founded Dawn in 2010. She is an experienced graphic designer that demonstrates technical ability while contributing effective and creative solutions. Amy wishes her cat could talk.

Paul Lovato

Paul Lovato

Senior Developer

Paul is a full stack developer for Dawn. He loves gaming and Pu’er tea.

Janet Liao Kornas

Janet Liao Kornas

Account Director + Business Development

Janet has demonstrated experience building engagement through print, digital and social media and managing digital programs. She has a master’s degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and a bachelor’s from Cornell University. She enjoys yoga and loves her beagle mix pup named Strongi.

Art Shipulin

Art Shipulin

Senior UI/UX Architect and Web Developer

Art is an experienced web development, online retail and UI/UX expert with mad coding skills. He scuba dives and cycles. 

Angela Liao

Angela Liao

Creative Director

Angela designs for a living and love what I do.When she is designing, you can find her playing video games, out with her dog Kuri, or relaxing in front of the TV.

An Lai

An Lai


An is a talented digital artist who has worked with Dawn since 2010.